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Winter Salad

Categories: Appetizers, Salads
Yield: 6 Servings

-------------------------------CURRY DRESSING-------------------------------
1 c Vegetable oil
1/3 c Wine vinegar
1 1/4 ts Curry powder
1 ts Worcestershire sauce
3 Drops Tobasco sauce
1/4 c Ketchup
1 ts Italian herb dressing
3/4 ts Salt
1/4 ts Pepper

1 Grapefruit, peeled and
-separated into sections
1 Avocado, peeled and pitted
1 Bunch watercress
1 Head Boston or 2 heads Bibb

1/4 c Sunflower seeds

Combine dressing ingredients, mixing well. Set aside. Cut each grapefruit
section into halves or thirds, and place in salad bowl. Cut avocado into
small pieces, and add to grapefruit. Tear watercress and lettuce into
bite-sized pieces, and add to salad bowl. Add optional sunflower seeds.
Toss with dressing and serve. Yield: 6 Prep Time: 30 minutes. Typed in
MMFormat by Source: Atlanta Cooknotes.

Posted to MM-Recipes Digest V4 #8 by "Cindy Hartlin"
on Feb 14, 1999



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