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White Cheddar Bacon Crackers

Categories: Breads, Appetizers
Yield: 48 Crackers

1/2 c (1 stick) unsalted butter,
1 c (4 oz.) grated sharp white
2 Strips crumbled bacon,
-cooked crisp and drained
1 c All-purpose flour

In a medium bowl, with an electric mixer on low speed or a wooden spoon,
beat the butter until light in color, about 1 minute. Add the Cheddar and
bacon. Gradually mix in the flour until just combined.

On a sheet of waxed paper, knead the dough a few times. Divide the dough in
half. Roll each portion into a 6 inch long log. Wrap the logs in waxed
paper and twist the ends closed. Refrigerate until firm, at least 1 hour or

Preheat the oven to 350F. Unwrap the shortbread logs an cut into 1/4 inch
thick slices. Place the slices 1 inch apart on a ungreased or
parchment-lined baking sheet. Bake in the center of the oven for about 12
to 15 minutes, or until golden. Let the crackers cool on the baking sheet
for about 2 minutes, then carefully transfer them to a wire rack to cool
completely. Yield: About 48 crackers Typed in MMFormat by
Source: Cookbook Digest Sept/Oct 98

Posted to MM-Recipes Digest by "Cindy Hartlin"
on Sep 23, 1998



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