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Walter's Chicken Casablanca

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Yield: 1 servings

2 tb Olive oil
2 Onions; sliced
1 ts Fresh ginger; grated
3 Cloves garlic; minced
3 lb Skinless chicken pieces
3 lg Carrots; diced
2 lg Potatoes; peeled and diced
2 tb Raisins
1/2 ts Each: cumin; turmeric, salt
-and pepper
1/4 ts Each: cinnamon and cayenne
1 cn (14-1/2 oz.) chopped
3 md Zucchini; sliced one-inch
1 cn (15 oz.) garbanzo beans
-(chickpeas); drained and
2 tb Parsley; chopped
1/2 ts Cilantro

(recipe from a magazine ad for Rival)

Saute onions, ginger and garlic in olive oil. Transfer to CrockPot. Brown
chicken in same pan over medium heat. Add carrots, potatoes and zucchini to
CrockPot. Place browned chicken on top of veggies. Stir seasonings in a
small bowl and sprinkle over chicken. Add raisins and tomatoes. cover and
cook on high 4-6 hours. Add garbanzos, parsley and cilantro 30 minutes
before serving. Serve over cooked rice or couscous.

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