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Vegetarian Chili

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Yield: 1 servings

2 c Cooked kidney or pinto
-beans; (1 cup dry) (up to
2 tb Vegetable broth; wine, or
-water for sauteing, up to 4
2 md Onions; chopped
3 Or more cloves garlic;
2 Bell peppers; (various
-colors), chopped
Jalapeno peppers; 0-2, with
-or without seeds, (the
-seeds will make it a lot
1 Grated carrots; (up to 2)
1 cn Corn; drained
1 ts Dried basil
1 ts Oregano
2 tb Chili powder; (more or less
-to suit your desire for
-heat), up to 3
1 tb Ground cumin
1 ts Cocoa powder; up to 2
1 qt Tomatoes; (fresh or canned)
Freshly ground pepper
2 Bay leaves
A couple of dashes of
-tabasco sauce
1 Handful raisins
1 tb Molasses; or brown or white
-sugar, up to 2
1 ts Sea salt
1 tb Red wine vinegar or cider
-vinegar; up to 2

-----------------------------OPTIONAL GARNISHES-----------------------------
Cashews; (roasted) (I've
-made it with (roasted
-skinned) peanuts and that
-was also good)
Sour cream; (fat free)
Grated cheese; (fat free)

Adapted from the Wings of Life cookbook by Julie Jordan

Soak beans overnight, boil separately (or used canned). In a large pot
onions, green peppers, and garlic in saute medium of your choice. Add
spices and saute them as well - be careful not to burn the spices (sauteing
the spices now instead of adding them later makes a BIG difference in the
taste). Break up the tomatoes and add them, along with any juice, to the
vegetables. Add carrots, corn, herbs and other seasonings. Add the cooked
beans. Simmer (covered) until it's done (it tastes much better after it's
been simmering for an hour or so. I usually make it ahead, then reheat
before serving). Before serving, add the vinegar a little at a time,
tasting between additions. Add beer if desired to thin the chili (I omit
the vinegar if using the beer -- they both serve to lighten and enhance the

Garnish with nuts (these really add something for the family members who
aren't trying to lose weight) and/or sour cream, grated cheese.

Serve with corn bread (let me know if you want a fat free recipe) or rice.

Posted to fatfree digest by Barbara Heller on
Sep 25, 1998,


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