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Tacos Al Pastor

Categories: Chicken, Pork
Yield: 1 servings

Pork tenderloin OR Chicken
-breasts; boned
Olive oil
Tequila or Mescal
Garlic; chopped
Lime juice
Lime rind; grated

In the summer I like to cook over wood fires as much as I can. I like to
marinate strips of pork tenderloin or boned chicken breasts in a concoction
similar to this one. The lime juice is better than lemon juice here, I
think. Once in a while I splash in some Mescal in place of the tequila.
String the meat on bamboo skewers and grill. Have some fresh tortillas and
rice ready for make-your-own tacos al pastor.
Posted to bbq-digest by Lloyd on Jan 25, 1999,



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