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Stuffed Thanksgiving Pumpkin

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Yield: 1 servings

1 Small; pretty pumpkin
1 pk Frozen tiny peas; (10oz)
1 pk Frozen sugar pod peas; (9oz)
1 tb Butter or olive oil
1/2 c Chopped onion or whole pear;
-up to 3/4
1 Onions
3/4 c Sliced mushrooms
1/2 ts Dried basil or mint; or 2
-tsp fresh
; chopped basil or
; mint
Salt and pepper to taste

Cut lid off pumpkin and clean out seeds. Cook pumpkin and lid in microwave
or in oven until pumpkin flesh is barely soft. Check often to avoid
overcooking which will cause pumpkin to collapse. Begin with 8 minutes
cooking time in microwave and then cook for several shorter intervals until
pumpkin is done. To make stuffing for pumpkin, cook peas and pods according
to package directions. Saute onions and mushrooms in butter or oil until
barely tender. Stir in mint, peas and pods. Salt and pepper to taste. Fill
pumpkin with this mixture. Just before serving, reheat stuffed pumpkin 3 to
4 minutes in microwave. (Longer heating will be required if the pumpkin has
been refrigerated.) This looks very pretty and the pumpkin is delicious
scooped out and eaten along with the peas. Invent your own filling for the
pumpkin, using cooked apples or pears with cranberries, sugar and cinnamon.
Or, try a combination of cooked meats and vegetables, well-seasoned with
pepper and herbs.



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